Earth's natural internet - Mycelium

Been reading about this incredible fungi called Mycelium, blowing my mind to gelatin. The computer internet is the inevitable consequence of a previously proven biological successful model - Mycelium. (Stamets. P 2012) Did you know humans are closer to the fungi kingdom than any other? Mycologist Paul Stamets recently gave a fantastic talk on Mycelium on TEDtalks. Watch it, watch it.


not so depressa

dinner gathered 5m from the kitchen.. 2 good 2 good. I installed a carnivorous terrarium this afternoon.

plants used: select titles for visual
nertera depressa
houttuynia cordata variegata (shit.. what a heinous name)
dionaea muscipula aka venus flytrap carnivorous
sarracenia aka pitcher plant carnivorous
drosera carnivorous

listening to: always on time ft. ashanti - ja rule


the stars are neither above nor below

A few months ago I did some farm work in NSW. The big smoke does not compare to the beauty and serenity I found between leaf folds and pregnant soils. Big thank you to Annie, Sophie and Tex for hosting me :-----)

 the worst ulcer! It took months to heal, antibiotics were futile.
Tree sap; 'dragon's blood' performed an 8 hour miracle.

This beanie has become my anatomy, kinda gross.. but endearing?

Emma and I completing Thomas's hair beneath the chai tent at the Shannon markets. There were many children playing around us, sunlight filtered itself between their soft locks, illuminating their muddy hands.

Thomas and I walked to the cliff one afternoon, through the forest trails and past the stream. Residential land was few and far between, the letterboxes were great. televisions, microwaves etc.

listening to: follow the sun - xavier rudd


what an honour it was to climb this glorious giant!

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